I approach my work in the manner of an experiment. I often use natural materials with an expiration date like moss, fruit skins, bread and ice. These materials do not exist in a fixed state and are constantly changing. They are fragile, they break down, they mold. It is their transformative nature that draws me to them. Being humans we experience constant change in our own physical forms and the environment around us. Some of the materials I use echo characteristics of the body. Dough is similar to flesh. The color, the texture, the warmth of it when it is freshly baked. The way that it sags and droops and looses elasticity when gravity plays on it just as human skin does with age. 

Other materials interact with the body and have cycles of their own embedded in them. Hands frozen in a bucket of ice would be immobilized but if melted to water the hands would be free to move. As humans we seek to control our environment and our bodies but so much is out of our control. Working with these materials is a way of grappling with the uneasiness of impermanence. The process of break down and change can be unsettling and seems to signify an ending but in this end can be a beginning.

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